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減簡三合一面紙套(平放+吊掛+提袋)強大實用功能搭配美美布花,每個房間都來一個也不為過! 這次搭配上一組四枚的布花杯墊,桌面都要比你美了!
[Your-Table-Says-A-Lot-About-You Combo Special]
If you agree with the saying “clothes make the man” to some extent, we believe it’s safe to assume that you also wouldn’t mind “dressing up” the tissue boxes at home, to level up the overall sophistication to reflect your personal taste. JainJain tissue covers embody both practicality as well as much-needed artistic flair, taking your table to the next level! Our special combo includes two tissue covers of your own choice plus a set of coasters.
Original Price: NT$1,780
Limited-Time Sale: NT$1,500.



任一減簡帽類單品 x 1 + 單價$1,000以上包類*x1,原價上看新台幣$3,360,生日慶限時特價$2,800

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[More-Than-Just-A-Pretty-Face Combo Special]

Refuse to let the scorching sun of Taiwan ruin more than just your immaculate makeup? Either our bike cap or the bucket hat with the beloved JainJain pattern, paired with a bag of your choice*, are the must-have summer accessories.

Original Price: NT$3,360

Limited-Time Sale: NT$2,800

*Including bags of NT$1,000 or above per item, except the leather strip crossover series.  




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[Happy-Butt-Happy-Life Combo Special] 

Seat cushion, one of the latest designs from our ever updating repertoire, is packed with a high-density sponge inner, catering to different sizes of butts from all walks of life on its 36-cm diameter surface. A set of four at an unprecedented discount. Grab them while it’s available. 


Original Price: NT$3,920

Limited-Time Sale: NT$3,300.


防疫期間在家裡待久了,環境都看膩了,工作效率也直直落?趁著換季的時候做點小巧思的改造,大大提升居家造型和室內氛圍! 大面積的抱枕套是最能展現減簡布花的商品之一,配上自選切裁合宜的裱框畫,絕對是不能錯過的優惠組合。

抱枕套含芯 x 2 + 自選布花裱框畫 x 1,原價新台幣$4,080,生日慶限時特價只要$3,400!

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[Life-Is-My-Canvas Combo Sale]

Sick and tired of being cooped up due to the virus pandemic, and your productivity is plummeting faster than a roller coaster? We propose some tiny makeovers such as transforming the living room/couch area, which would do some magic!

The large and seamless surface of a cushion cover is one of the best ways to showcase the signature patterns of your preference, paired with one framed artwork which served as the final touch to complete the look.

Original Price: NT$4,080

Limited-Time Sale: NT$3,400.




玻璃/陶瓷器皿x1+桌巾x1 原價上看$1490,生日慶限時店面獨家$1000 

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[Why can't the glass center store exclusive discount group]

Only came to the shop friends will know, in addition to their own cloth goods, the store also displayed a lot of 1+1 will be greater than 2 atmosphere of glass, ceramic ware, are carefully selected from home and abroad to reduce the selection of exclusive. Passing through the glass flash of glory or ceramics simple, please personally come to the store to experience.


Glass/ceramic ware X1 + tablecloth X1 on original price $1490, birthday celebration exclusive store $1000

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